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Artist:Mad Skillz
Taken from the album From Where by Mad Skillz
Album:From Where
Track:From Where Intro
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:It's not about the salary
I do this so Mc's they twice before they battle me
Liney B can really flow shit (say what!)
This ain't no wo thuggish ruggish bow wow yippie
yo shit
I through yo rappers like a bad poker hand
(Now tell me Bikedi B the man

Liney B:
Yeah my rhymes styles skandelous deep n' Mc's n' banders

So many niggaz on my dick
Now I see them seam in fucking sandwiches
when I throw rappers to the flow
Battleing me is like giving bird to a fucking dinosoure

Fuck wack niggaz it's my turn
So how you gon' rap the microphone
and come
weak in a motherfucking rock spearm
Mad Skillz got this fucking mig on
I suck ya
blood out motherfuckers
like Tom Cruise with the wig on
Yeah about to make the loop

Cause I can keep motherfucking rap until Biz Markie gets cute

Where you from, you gotta be from Brooklyn man, you gotta be!
Na,na kid!

Yeah, na, ya that nigga from Queens?
Na Bee,na, I ain't from Queens
Oh!, I've got
it, that nigga from Uptown, he gotta be!
Na, na, na kid!
No I ain't from Uptown kid

Where ya from God?
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