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Track:To Distance Death From Life
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:one chooses the fade towards death with honour or vanity the essence comes from with in and

beholds the distinction let after decades of disintegration blackness a frail foundation
upon an ending life and a never
ending death pay the ultimate sacrifice for fitting in
suffer the consequence seduced by
curiosity admist the haven of laughter cloned by the
sacrilegious holder of distinction to
distance death from life blinded by hologram
picture of your dead bringing to your knees kissing curtains of deception
with bleeding lips
caressing the flesh of murder holding the hand of decay to distance death
from life alter the
mani festation beyond reasonable comprehension opening for doubt and
betrayal betrothal tp the
decency of darkness once again stagnation within the shel no way
to prosper and distance death
frome life
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