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Track:Draped In Shadows Of Satans Pride
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:"In Blasphemy I rise
For the burning hell to come
Father Satan
Almighty god
in the shadows of Satan's pride
Let the infernal war begin"*

To be the right hand of
the devil
To see sights too morbid and grim
For mortals to bear
To guide vast hordes of
religious bastards
Through the gate to the valley of death

To rest by the greatest
sites, in the kingdom of pain
Always hear our master, breed fear and panic through the
The millennium to come, will be the greatest
For souleating demons
Feast upon
christian carcass

To be the right hand of the Devil
My vision till I die
blasphemy to battlefield

To whom it may concern:
Fight in the shadow of Satan's
Drain lifeforce out of religious swines
Spread the word, we intend to win the
Commit suicide at our command**
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