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Track:Dance Of Might
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:HOLD THE GIFT of Fire
Hold the Gift of Hate
Hold the Nightmares Secret

An Image in
your Mind of An Animal
Eating you up from the Inside out
Spirit of the Wolf placed inside
The Wolf Frights my Battles
Feel the Price of Weakness

Out from the Darkness
Closing in
All the Pain in the World can't stop me

The Heart you Hear is not your
Your Heart stopped as Darkness came
And won't start till Dawn of Night
Slaying the

I see the Pain in their Eyes
Before the Soul of Christ is raped
Let them be
Tortured by their own Hand
All forms of Evil
From all Corners of this Earth
Fulfil my

Fight the Battle, don't wait in Silence
Dance with the Devil, the Dance of
Living in the Shadows, avoiding the Light
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