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Track:Meet Macro
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Yo don't trip
don't make me spin or i'll flip
to the tippidy tip top of the hip hop
yo suckaz smell my feet i give my dogg a treat
not a scooby snack not a rock of crack
thats whack g
you cant see me on yo muthafuckin computa screen
but you can feel me whith the
flow that i beam
rolling with the lowest ping, my new school homies
do the same
got the bling bling for the mutha fucking 20 stack of T-1
my intanet hook up weigh a
fuckin ton
don't freak my firewall it stand stall and beats you in yo fuckin balls
runnin nortin never tha download aboartin cuz i got tha fuckin ping a dee ping pong fo yo muthfuckin

Meet Macro
Meet Macro

Java Script ain't shit with my mutha fuckin

Meet Macro
Meet Macro

Java Script ain't shit wit my muthfuckin

Meet macro yall
I got T-1 and fibre optics runn trough my wall
you can't
think to freak my firewall and my names not jamal it muthafuckin Mac-Row now you know
but dont
think yo know it all
i run a script on your ass make all my muthafuckin aps run fast while im
huffin grass
my optics be lcd so i can see the screen and trip like lsd
but you cant see me
comei from yo computa screen but you feel the flow that i beam yo

Meet Macro

Javascript ain't shit with my mutha fuckin macro

(repeat chorus 4x's)
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