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Artist:Maclean Dougie
Taken from the album The Dougie Maclean Collection by Maclean Dougie
Album:The Dougie Maclean Collection
Track:Trail Of The Survivor
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Oh they tell their tales to the wide young eyes
Of the fertile plains and the cloudless
But honesty must take the strain
Where lies move fast like a roaring


And the shy ones bleed while the sure ones fail
On the
trail of the survivor
And the trade winds blow through a burning soil
On the trail of the

And they make their moves around the virgin light
Leave their filthy stains
on the clear and bright
But hope can never be restrained
Where freedom's hand has been
nailed and chained


And sleep will com, it comes to us all
And some
will fade and some will fall
But the distance gained is never gained at all
And Atholl's
children we rise and fall

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