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Artist:Maclean Dougie
Taken from the album The Dougie Maclean Collection by Maclean Dougie
Album:The Dougie Maclean Collection
Track:This Love Will Carry
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:It's a thin line that leads us and keeps a man from shame
And dark clouds quickly gather along
the way he came
There's fear out on the mountain and death out on the plain
heartbreak and heart-ache in the shadow of the flame


[But]this love
will carry, this love will carry me
I know this love will carry me

The strongest web
will tangle, the sweetest bloom will fall
And somewhere in the distance we try and catch it
Success lasts for a moment and failure's always near
And you look down at your
blistered hands as turns another year


These days are golden, they must
not waste away
For our time is like that flower and soon it will decay
And though by
storms we're weakened, uncertainty is sure
And like the coming of the dawn it's ours for


--submitted by CK
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