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Artist:Machines Of Loving Grace
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Album:Machines Of Loving Grace
Track:Rite Of Shiva
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Tantric sex magic fills a hole in my soul
Tragic nymphonics got no place to go
I pull the
soul trigger, jaw chainsaw, goddess or believer
(Roll in the grass with a green-eyed
I do the rite of Shiva

I'm sitting here petrified
The car-crash
collide, collapse, collide
As I look into her liquid eyes
Angels kill your appetite

For little girls with expanded minds
And I realised that I'd lost my lines
When I
looked into, into her eyes
I pull the soul trigger, saw her face now I'm a believer
in the grass with a green-eyed lolita)
I do the rite of Shiva

Headache under
wiretap, daybreak's disdain
Luxuriating politicos cry fox mothers gone insane
With a
dentist's drill and a diet pill
Sugar for the junkie makes a mother kill
virgin, virtuous thief
The hearts of machines all pound when you breathe
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