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Artist:Machines Of Loving Grace
Taken from the album Concentration by Machines Of Loving Grace
Track:Ancestor Cult
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Let's take an ambulance ride
To the place where amnesia fills our eyes

Stuck in that
summer sister
The blood was like a river flowing
The earring dangles from the point of
To the wicked root of this the solid gravity
And I am connected to the people ahead
of me
By a tangled stream of blood and entropy
And I am a child of the twentieth
And I recall that the others ahead of me
Filled their eyes, they filled their

Suck in that stomach sister
The fruit within your loins expanding
strange locked code overflows
Our occidental ancestral home

The limb, popped from
it's socket
Genetic weakness from the eighteenth century
The limb, popped from it's
Genetic who knows what from god knows when
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