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Artist:Machine Gun Fellatio
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Track:(i wanna be your)Dirty Fucking Whore
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:My darling the stars they shine for you
My darling the birdsÂ… Twitter for you
darling my heart skips a beat, whenever I think of you
& Under this moon light sky
I pray
& dream that I will be the one, will be the one
That you bend, over & bang good & hard from
Have me on all 4Â’s howling @ the sky

IÂ’ll give your cock a good long
Then youÂ’ll give me a good hard fuck
Squeeze my tits all big & bouncy
spunk all over my body
I want to be your butt hot greasy slut, greasy slut
Begging for
more for I canÂ’t get enough, canÂ’t get enough

When I leave your tool you stop
warm & soggy,
I wont stop there oh, no no no
IÂ’ll become your little leg-humping
Let Me Be Your Dirty Fucking Whore!!!!
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