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Artist:Macc Lads
Taken from the album From Beer To Eternity by Macc Lads
Album:From Beer To Eternity
Track:Lucy Lastic
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Well, in this life there's a couple of certs,
One is death and the other's a nurse,
Lucy's old and they say she's passed it,
But I gave her one and her tits were that
And they said bollocks and they're made of plastic,
And that I never touched
That's just bagshit.

Lucy Lastic, we shagged everywhere,
On the washer in
the kitchen and twice on the stairs,
Did you fuck? You're making it up.

Well I got a
red pint round the back of our house,
Are you sure you want to play with my little red
I found his tail right up Lucy Lastic,
The Russians are coming, this is
So I closed the curtains and I sat on her belly,
There was dogfood in her
clevage, forgot about torn welly.

Lucy Lastic's got a great back,
Two pounds of
tripe just to take up the slack.
Was there fuck, you're making it up.

Lucy Lastic we
shagged in a skip.
Dead cats in her knickers, tea bags on her tits.
We did it in a
snowdrift in Wilderclough,
But Lucy Lastic was loose enough,
Lucy Lastic were loose
Lucy Lastic were loose enough,
Lucy Lastic were loose enough
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