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Artist:Macc Lads
Taken from the album From Beer To Eternity by Macc Lads
Album:From Beer To Eternity
Track:Geordie Girl
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:New face in the pub on a Friday night.
"You alright?"
I asked where she worked, she
"Iawok dahn sayan"
She were feeling "kanna closhy"
She were of
I think she must have meant the bog.

Do you want a drink love?
says "Aye rhebob, Hey Bob"
Hey Bob?

Tardy lass, Geordie girl,
With her crusty
gusset and a gob the size of the town.
Tardy lass, Geordie girl,
The canny lass 'till
after closing time.

Let's go somewhere quiet before me mates arrive,
You look
What's wrong with beer?
Oh for fuck's sake,
You're too ugly.
I'll have
another Hey Bob, or else a pint of Scotch,
And then you can play with me pink bits.
not made of dosh.
Alright then, fuck off, Southern git.
Southern git?

Lass Geordie girl,
He gave her pints and fags and pints and grub and shorts.
Tardy Lass
Geordie girl,
She gave him earache and penal warts.
Penal warts...

Tardy Lass
Geordie girl,
She talked and talked he couldn't understand a thing.
Tardy Lass Geordie
By Sunday night she needed emptying.
Tardy Lass Geordie girl,
Tardy Lass
Geordie girl
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