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Artist:Macc Lads
Taken from the album Beer N Sex N Chips N Gravy by Macc Lads
Album:Beer N Sex N Chips N Gravy
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:One day after closing I was lying on me nest,
When Stez shouts "get yer bags on, come on
So I grabbed me stripy tank-top, I 'ad beer stains on me vest,
An' I said "best
get some cans in, it's a long ride."

Well, we drove along the M6, chuckin' cans at other
An' stopped at all the services that took us.
Picked up some fit
An' we told 'em filthy jokes,
An' piled them in the back seet fer to fuck

We're going down Blackpool, alright,
We're going down Blackpool, fer a
We're going down Blackpool, alight,
To see the lights...

Mutley's in the
drivin' seat,
Stez Styx is in the front,
An' we're going down to Blackpool,
To up
some fuckin' cunt.
An' Peter's in the back seat,
An' his crack is goin' "gerrit"
got his finger up her like a ferret.

Now ten miles outside Blackpool and we had some real
bad luck,
Mutley shouts "O fuck, we've got a flat."
And now Peter chucked the jack at some
cunt ten mile down the road,
So we made him go an' get the fucker back.

We're going down Blackpool, alright,
We're going down Blackpool for a
We're going down Blackpool, alright
To see the lights...
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