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Artist:Macc Lads
Taken from the album From Beer To Eternity by Macc Lads
Album:From Beer To Eternity
Track:Ben Nevis
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:He squidges in the van,
All twenty four stones,
He gets three kebabs and he eats them on
his own,
Quick trouser cough Nevis touches cloth,
Fuck fuck hide behind a truck, all the
windows are steaming up.

Gas gas quick lads,
The air in here is turning
Gas gas quick lads,
Get the fucking windows down,
Gas gas quick
Nevis has gone and done a troof,
Gas gas quick lads,
I think the big fat twat
has fallen through.

Ben Nevis filled the van with odour of turd,
Would have hung for
less gas at Nurenburg,
Four chicken curries, eight tandories,
Boiled eggs, three kebabs
fuck sake let him take command.

Gas gas quick lads,
Everyone's choked to
Gas gas quick lads,
Has us out with botty breath,
Gas gas quick lads,
a trench, avoid the stench,
Gas gas quick lads,
Nevis is filthy, fat and


At a transport cafe he gets baked beans,
Wretched rasp
blows a hole in his jeans,
Everybody choking, nobody smoking,
Looks round, blames the
Covered in a smelly fog.

Gas gas quick lads,
What the fuck has he been
Gas gas quick lads,
He must have had some rotton meat in,
Gas gas quick
I've got tears in me eyes,
Gas gas quick lads,
I think a rat crawled up his
arse hole,
I think a rat crawled up his arse hole,
I think a rat crawled up his arse and
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