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Artist:Mac Mall
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Track:Shakin in the Alley
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[ CHORUS ]
I'm like a dopefiend shakin in the alley fiendin for a hit
Can you bring this?

Huuuh, when I listen to your tape, I can feel it
Nothing but them bomb beats, comin
straight from Cali
This is for them players, can you sing this?
Dopefiend shakin in the
alley, fiendin for a fix
Cause baby, I need it

[ VERSE 1 ]
East Coast, West Coast,
worldwide and all over the globe
MC's got this rap game wrong
Suckers think being the
greatest on the microphone
Is when you're ridin in stretches and the stations playing your
In a tiny studio there's a wanna-be star
With big hopes and dreams of rappin and livin
The clothes, plus the cars and the video broads
At a show he gets a call by a crooked
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