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Artist:Mac Dre
Taken from the album Sumthin Terrible by Mac Dre
Album:Sumthin Terrible
Track:Thizzle Dance
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:hello every body id like to introduce u to the thizzle dance
thizzle dance?
thizzle dance
i said
can u do the thizzle dance

first i do like this i put a look on my face like
i smell some piss bounce to the beat till it start to hurt then i dust all the smirk off me shirt
dip to the ground as i catch the base then i wipe all the sweat off me face hop back up then i start
to slide poppin my color as i glide then i break the thing down do the verse dust my self off like i
juss dont curr come on every body nows ur chance F*CK the harlem shake its the THIZZLE


first off all i hope u got u a juice a thizzle because its time to pop u a few then
u gas break start to chill bounce with the car as it start to shake then u open up the car there
goes the whole damn carload hop out the 5 0 y u let the car roll? ghost ride the whip while u ride
the strip heres ur chance to yo dance on the side of it y u laggin the passenger and drivers swing
so hurrup and jump back inside this shit hangin out the rooftop do not get ooh aah by them fool cops
theyre tryna have u got other than that u and ur boys (?) u wanna learn a tune stay tuned to thizz
hootchie mama freaks get yo man and show them niggas how to do the thizzle


ahh wut thizz ahh thizz what ahh wut thizz aah thizz

i do it and say im killin it the look on my face mean im fillin it juss like the
niggas that im chillin wit u cant do the thizz less ur fillin it this the last verse then im sellin
it after this niggas gon be stillin it this is hip hop wit no johnny gill in it im new at this shit
naw im a prince but im stillin it im 12 yrs strong and im still in it now im slugged up and im
rillin it i dont care who im in the villain wit i do the dance wit nancy or who im chillin

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