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Artist:Mac Dre
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Track:Lifes A Bitch
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Life's a bitch
Life's a bitch and then you die
Life's a bitch and then
you die
Lifes a bitch and then you die
Lifes a bitch and then you die

It's not
often young niggas get a chance
to enjoy riches in legitimate fashion
So many of us say fuck
it get a bucket
and run up in something and keep smashing
It's all about survival
jealous rivals make it hard for us to do this
So everybody got a gun but when we was
our only weapon was our two fists
Now who missed the first lesson in life don't be
no punk
If you a man have heart be a savage whether you sober or drunk
I seen niggas in the
pen getting
their ass dug out over some hop or a pack of Kamels
But thats the game home boy
and every move you make is a gamble
Them squares don't under stand so it takes niggas like me to
explain it
I show vengeance violence and hatred because underneath it's so much pain
I aint
no sissy or punk so don't trip when you see me crying
A nigga just hella mad his partners is
dead and his folks keep on dying
My enemys feel the same way they want me dead they think I'm
the nigga
that put they partner 6 feet under and left his son with no father figure
I live
day by day not giving a fuck and when they ask me why
I pause for a minute then I reply because
lifes a bitch and then you die


Lifes a bitch then you die nigga
want a whole slice just let me taste the pie
They sent me to the pen for five years
for a
crime that was never committed
I aint no bank robber but that five years
had me thinking
maybe I should have did it
Do my thoughts deceive me? What a mutherfucker supposed to
Locked down trapped looking at four walls a toilet bowl and a s
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