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Artist:Mabel Robinson
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Track:Ive Got Too Many Blues
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I've got too many blues, I'm worried all the time
I've got too many blues, I'm worried all the
Don't know if I'm goin' or comin', I just about lost my mind

I've got blues for
breakfast, blues for lunch
Blues for supper, by the bunch
I've got too many blues and I'm
full of misery
Just as sure as you're livin' someone has put bad luck on me

I get the
blues when I'm high, the blues when I'm low
Ol' man blues just won't let me go
Why he keeps
on followin' me, I sure cannot see
Come on in mister blues and have a drink on me

got blues by the dozen, blues by the score
I've got so many blues I can't stand no more
got too many blues for any poor girl to bear
Can't you see I've got more than my share
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