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Track:corrupt police
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Corrupt police

He ows a gun
He kills thiefs
But he buys beers
and fucks up poor
People of the streets
We are gonna scream
Sit in here and

See all the gore
That is unseen just for
Some money all that shit
Goes to
the sink

Stoped some whores
And took them to his home
He got high and killed
Old man the crazy girl sucked his dick
And now he is a whole police

Follow till you die
Follow till you die
Man, it’s alright
he’ll kick your ass
All the flavours in a fucking
Gun that he uses to the whores

So they suck his cock

Die die filty bastard die *2

Now he’ll stop
some kids
With drugs so he can take
The pot home and
The other ones using them
His nose explotes
he was in jail And used
whores in paris
And now he is
a whole police

I have seen a corrupt police
I have seen a corrupt police
have seen a corrupt police
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