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Artist:Lil Zane
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Track:Partners Come Along Too
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I told you nigga, she comin through
(Yo, whats up,what you talkin about?)
She gonna do all
of us, I mean one by one
(I mean look, everybody?)
Now nigga, you know I got it all under
control man
(I mean, last time you said this, she gonna do.)

Hey lil' mama what the
I be real give it to you how you want
Millionaires in the house now
I'm hopin
you'll bone it, my niggas that pose with me, buy clothes with me
Know they gotta roll wit me,
fuck a lotta hoes wit me
These jealous niggas is mad and I can tell
But fuck 'em, free my
niggas they got in jail
I holla to the world with this pimp game, nothin changed
Catch me on
the freeway, take it easy
And it don't stop with the freaky hoes
I wanna see you in the club
walkin up to me wit no clothes
Then tell me how you love that, is your pimp game above that, how
you love that?

Let me tell my partners come along too, they wanna bone too
They makin
money off my song too
All around the world it's the same, meetin pretty women
Spittin game
tryna get up in 'em (come on)
I wanna know
Can my partners come along too, they wanna bone
They makin money off my song too (for all my dogs)
Can my partners come along (hey,
Can my partners come along (hey, check it)

Look baby I can see it in your plan,
you want me to be your man baby
(??) fan baby, fine I understand baby
I'm hittin everything
I can, they been playin lately
And even though I'm stayin busy in the studio, they buggin
We can all work together when we freak
You can meet me at the mall at 3, I be shoppin
where them ballas be
And I like my women taller than me
And wit the Henney in you strong, Im
sure to beat the pussy long
Don't want no babies put the
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