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Artist:Lil Zane
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Track:Beautiful Feelin
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Chorus: repeat 4X]
Such a beautiful feeling

[Lil' Zane]
I know a lot of times, it
seems like it gets hard.
But you gotta always keep faith, and always look forward.
never know what the future might bring.
You never know what's ahead.

You got the attention of all the fellas so the chickens are jealous
They at your toes
when it rains tryin to hold you umbrella
The new meat in town, all the niggas wonna get
When getting no play they frown,
you on they bad side, they callin you bitch
Sophomore year, two years to go
All you tryin to do is get your first car, and make
Got a part time job, and the man callin your bluff
Always out to cheat us if you love
wasn't enough
Problems in the home, daddy dearest done turned abusive
He got your moms
scared, so thoughts are skippin out are useless
How can you get them grades, when you can't keep
your focus
16 and getting hit this drunk nigga think he Joseph
Givin you black eyes so in
school you wearin glasses
Friends ask what happin but believe behind your back they
You show no worry but the pain don't hide
Baby girl wipe your eyes, Im here so don't
And it's


[Lil' Zane]
You turn no fire till you lies, tellin
me I was safe
I can't take it no longer father open the gate
I seen all I can take, child
killin's and rape
The same niggas that I used to love was showin' me hate
My harts lyrics
and my spirits through you body and soul
Makin you feel the way I felt when these rhymes was
My antidote a little weed smoke, time and thought
Makin me come up wit that raw shit,
hurttin your hart
I know you feel me cause you know things I'm sayin is true-
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