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Artist:Lil Zane
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Track:Whats Up
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Lil' Zane]
I was once wit a team, that, sold me a dream
Worked all day and, got, none of
the cream
When playas ain't loyal, that's, bad for the team
Niggas play dirty till that ass
get clean
I'm iced wit the gleam, get shiest when you scheme
Fuck a gun nigga cause I'm nice
wit these things
Yall got me fed up, bout to go head up
Stop playin nigga, start prayin, Im
dead up
Fuck who you run wit, get who you gon get
Tell them niggas come quick, man you on
some dumb shit
Me and my nigga been folk, since we been broke
See we together till the day
that I get doe
Lend doe, spend doe, throw it out the window
Know niggas payed, got Boo
puffin indo
Shot from the pinto, and hop out the benzo
Cops had to leave but we fleed so
they didn't know

Chorus: repeat 2X
Yall niggas want war (whats up my nigga)
what you here for (whats up my nigga)
You don't scare me (whats up my nigga)
You can hate me
(I don't give a fuck my nigga)

[Lil' Zane]
I got cops on the pay roll, stop when I say
You don't wonna quit, spray the block till you lay low
Niggas have change now, got a
little fame now
Come around the hood, you can see im the same now
Got a little ice though,
still wit the wife though
Love all my bitches but, money is my life hoe
Never gettin twist
up, bitches I done mixed up
Mad at me now cause my man want his dick sucked
Raised, turn the
bricks up, born wit my fist up
Niggas can't live the life, then give the shit up
Survived in
the rap game, supplied in the crack game
Really don't matter my nigga, they both the same
always rhyme, I always bust nines
Always wonna to fight a nigga one more time
And even if I
win, Im'a beat his ass again
Wont quit t
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