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Artist:Lil Zane
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Track:Ways Of The World
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Money is manditory, my game is self explanitory,
I hit the blunt as I proceed to tell my ghetto
I'm in to deep, for my peeps, bring them shovels for me,
Some niggaz strapped wit
their gats tryin to kill your homies,
Didn't know me but met the heat when they ran up on
Left his wife and 2 kids at the crib lonely,
Got in the way of a stray bullet when I
Trying to retaliate on beef that happened in the past,
Ways of the world how will I
last when the economy crash,
I'm goin all out gettin my cash,
While spend mine open, wit my
eyes on the world,
Ghettos and jail cells gave me stories to tell,
Body swells from the evil
smells that I inhale,
Evil set me up to fail make my life so real,
People take precaution,
time is being lost my souls series to scar,
I'm fightin demons off, its the ways of the

chorus 2x
Eventhough it hurts my chest,
I'm a spark til I lose my
Livin the sin since life began,
Coming all way out the water to get
Please father help me breath again, at ease again,

Lookin at myself in the
mirror, I took a second to think,
Memories of being babies givin milk to drink,
Without a
worry at mind, we would play all the time,
Name callin and b-ballin took up most of our
We were hard headed and ya'll said it,
From our parents to our teachers, and even
preachers couldn't reach us,
I said my prayers,
I gave my momma gray hairs,
She lives in
The thought of me not being their got her worried scared,
They say i look just like my
father without the BEARED,
They should of named that nigga magic, he dissapeard,
A couple
months out of the year, he reappears,
Its all the same ain't nothin changed, you still my nigga
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