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Artist:LiL Zane
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Track:The Ways Of the World
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Lil' Zane]
Money is mandatory, my game is self explanitory
I hit the blunt as I proceed
to tell my ghetto stories
I'm into deep,all my peeps, bring them shovel stories
niggaz strapped with thier gats, tryin to kill your homez
Didn't know me, but met the heat when
they ran up on me
Left his wife and 2 kids at the crib lonely
Got in the way of a stray
bullet when I pass
Tryin to retaliate but keep that happin in the past
Ways of the world,
how will I last when the economy crash
I'm goin all out gettin my cash
While spend mine
open, wit my eyes on the world
Ghettos and jail cells gave me stories to tell
Body swells
from the evil smells that I inhale
Evil set me up to fail make my life so real
People tape
will caution times being lost my soul series to scar
I'm fighting off demons, it's the ways of
the world

[chorus: 2x]
Even though it hurts chest
I'm gonna stroke till I lose
my breath
lookin to sin since life began
Coming all the way out the water to get
Please father help me breathe again, at ease again

[Lil' Zane]
at my self in the mirror, I took a second to think
Memories of bein babies, given milk to
Without a worry at mind, we would play all the time
They ain't callin it but b-ball
took up most of my time
We were hard headed they all said it
From my parents to our
teachers and even my preacher,
I say my prayers, I gave my momma grey hairs
She lives in
The thought of me not being there got her worried scared
They say I look just like my
father, without the beard
they should have named that nigga magic and dissapear
A couple
months out of the year, he reappears
its all the same, ain't nuttin changed, you still my
Don't hold a grudge, just give me love, I'm on my own
I'm kinda sober from a broken
Wondering what's goin on, did I deserve this
Living in Atlanta got this little nigga
Mama tried to feed us all, until she got laid off
Had the rats paid off, now we
all laid off

chorus 2x

[Lil' Zane]
Duckin the gun shots,at the age of
There was a war zone, so you choose your team
When the war strikes you better have a
heart to fight
or get lost in the world when you loose your life
I would like to get
blown, so I read and pray
Surviving day to day, running the streets of stray
Living all my
self no company
You better meet the heat when you come for me
And when I die, burn alive,
that's a wish of mine
I know that heaving in the zone ain't that hard to find
and when you
make it they gone take it, that's a must you know
Don't think of gettin to the top without a
problem or so
I take for caution as for evil gotta hit on me
I've been a bad boy for
momma,dont you quit on me
They built a jail so when we rise they can crush our dreams
of the largest in the industry, erased from the scene
And I don't wanna be a target so I got
with a team
They got a glow around their body and do shit you've never seen,
know what I
Take it deep like summer eves, that's what we do, only humans
Tryin to get through
the world with no confusion

When you close your eyes, can you state the pain, the
Bringin for you will rescue me
These are the ways of the world
Now I have to
choose between life or lose my sanity
Go with the streets keep callin me
These are the
ways of the world
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