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Artist:LiL Zane
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Track:Ride On Em
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(Unknown Man)
Them niggas wanna ride by do a lil' drive by
But they just dont know
But we about to show 'em when the pistol backfire
and them niggas gone die
niggas wanna ride by do a lil' drive by
But they just dont know how
But we about to show
'em when the pistol backfire
and them niggas gone die
And we gone ride on 'em (ride on
And we gone ride on 'em (ride on 'em)

[Lil' Zane]

Retaliation is a must when them niggas bout to bust slippin on us
Niggas kicked in the door
took the yayo
Had a nigga on the floor all scared too
And they put the steel to my head
I'm on the cellular
Wit my niggas "Where the hell are y'all"
Shit I'm about to go
to jail and all
They didn't figga they was fuckin wit the wrong nigga wrong day
Doin shit
in the wrong way
Nine holes couldn't hurt a nigga
Thats what they got
Now I'm
screamin murder nigga
So shoot the block
Niggas gone bleed tonight
Plus I'm high on
weed tonight
Muthafuckas won't breath tonight
World Wide renegades when I'm breedin
You can see him on the news just seen the light
Glowin niggas y'all meet me
College Park in the hour like that y'all be next


[Lil' Zane]

Fast money done slowed up
Niggas cars got blowed up
Whole cities got tore up
And what
you mean "Nigga hold up"
Shoulda seen this niggas eyes when my niggas roled up
And you can
run but you can't hide
And I won't let shit slide
How many O's did you get right?
you know how many bullets bout to go up in your shit right?

[Lil' Zane &
Cituation gettin sticky
Why the fuck niggas pick me
Cause I'm rich see

Everybody out to get me
But the trick be
I'm about to pull a gypsy
Till the clips

[Lil' Zane]
And mufuckas gone respect the game
Look how I give it to them
niggas real
And muthafucka why you try me
Why you think cause I'm under 21 I won't connect
you to a I.V


[Lil' Zane]
Oh you wanna be a bad ass nigga

Wanna be mad at us nigga
Fuck wit us nigga
Let the world know my niggas all I niggas

World Wide niggas
Pick 4-5, bury 4-5 niggas
Paralize 4-5 niggas
These muthafuckas
ain't ready for the ride
I surprise niggas
I put the game from verse 2
(A tell 'em
what the verse do)
Thug niggas get hurt too

[Lil' Zane & Unknown]
This shit
gettin critical these niggas won't listen
These niggas bout to come up missen
These niggas
see a young boy glistenin

[Lil' Zane]
Y'all niggas betta separate the hoes from
Fuck around and make me start wit these
Get in the car nigga gimme the keys
bout to blast on 'em
Tell me if you wit me if you not get yo ass on

(Two guys havin

[1st guy]
"Nigga you know I'm down to bust these niggas
tonight aint the night to do that shit"

[2nd guy (Larenz Tate)]
"You actin like a
lil' bitch right now
You actin real paranoid and shit
Now these muthafuckas smoked yo
goddamn cousin
In front of you nigga
Blow his head off in front of yo face
And you
gonna do shit?
You actin like a lil' bitch right now nigga
Man fuck that I aint lettin
that shit ride

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