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Track:Shower Me With Love
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Shower Me With Love

From the Movie "The Specialist"
Performed by Lagaylia

*Shower me with your love...
Cause every minute of the day
I know your love will
always stay together
Together forever

Hey don't be afraid
You can never give
too much
If your givin' love
Heaven's up above are warmin' up for us
Doing all the
fallin' into love
If love's too much
We don't have for ever all we really have is love

To show each other how
You belong to me
And every little thing is coming to

Hear what I say
Hear what I do
And how I'm feeling the one about you
(Repeat *)

Each time we make love
I will turn your river to a deep chartered sea
Rollin' over
me, like the moon and sun
Knowin' it dakes two to feel in love
If we break up

Sacrificing what we are or what we'll come to be
Ture love are free, I know that you'll be

Freer than you've ever been before

**Hear what I say
Hear what I do

Hear how I feel the one about you
(Repeat *, **, *)

Shower me with your love...

Cause did you know
Everyday I'm thinking about you
The way you make me feel
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