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Artist:Labelle Patti
Taken from the album Waiting To Exhale by Labelle Patti
Album:Waiting To Exhale
Track:My Love Sweet Love
Date Added:18/10/2007
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My love, sweet love
With you nothing else matters
You're my heart, and my
heart is yours
My love, sweet love,
For me there's no one better
Cross my heart, I
could not love you more

And I swear to you, there's no one more important
And I
trust you with my life
So I pledge my heart to you


Cause with you,
my world is filled with so much pleasure
When I'm blind, you are my eyes
So I pledge my
trust to you


And I swear to you, that I will always love you
trust you with my heart
So I pledge my world, I pledge my world, I pledge my world to

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