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Track:Killing Me
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:My my what a treat you are
Your magnetic attraction's energising me dead
Keep keep spoiling
Keep on feeding my ego 'til I'm over the edge
My favourite enemy
I'm enjoying your
lies so much it's killing me
I, I'll lie; I'll fool and lie to make you like me more
My my
what a tease you are
Your hypnotic attentio's paralysing me faint
Keep, keep adoring
Keep on kissing my ass till I'm unbearably vain
Now you should envy me
Now I'm
learning to lie so well it's killing me
My my what a freak you are
Tried to dazzle and
angel, got a bitch on your tail
Don't go defending me
I'm enjoying this kill so much it's
killing me
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