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Artist:La Sexorcisto
Taken from the album Miscellaneous by La Sexorcisto
Track:Warp Asylum
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Been down yeah!
Well I look down and my mind blows away

Deep in the darkness "illuminate"
Beyond a million
Something slid up to my head
around [in] my eye - eye - eyes
And I said, "Smooth operator" sez: Get up - get up and
outta here,
Smooth operator sez: Yeah!
Lights band
the traffic thunder two blocks west of the rest
Tore away the bottom and saw life is
a test [life is a test]
Beyond 1,000,000 miles

Well I ricocheted through my head
One hand kill the other's
What she said - Smooth operator sez: Get up - get up and outta here,

Smooth operator sez...
Sail into nightghost ship
a tripping
Struck by the plunge something to see - yeah!

Bootleg the girl - she is a looka
Pure is the fear that breaks away.
Straight to the sun I am a walk'n state of the art - all that I see

New gods move whipp'n the shore and dash on the reef -
surf city...
[Well] I walk alone and stare, man, right in the sun

[Yeah!] Tear-jerk asylum and cemetery run [cemetery run]
Well, how'd I
ever get this far, man?
Smooth curves switchback the sweat

Underneath the body, baby - where what you see is what you...

see and...
what you...
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