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Artist:K-Ci & JoJo
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Track:Get Back
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Well, well, well, well
Well, well, well, well
Oh yeah
Gave you,
Oh, listen listen baby, baby

I gave you my cellie two nights ago
I was
waiting on you to let me know
If we could get down, slow freak tightness
I must confess
you smell better than the rest
Yes you do, yes you do
I wanna get close to you, mostly
I wanna be your happiness
Your soft caress
Girl, I'm ready, call me

[1] - Get back and let me get that
Telephone lookin' at me
So get back and let me get
I ain't up to bein' lonely

Get back and let me get that
It's you I want, I
want you only
So get back and let me get that
Come on baby, wait for me

yeah, where are you baby
This lonliness is doin' me so crazy
I've been pacin' the
Right now I don't know
If you're uptight, slow it down
And grab the phone to
call me
Yeah, you know
Let's do what we're suppose to do, baby
Two creative people
makin' love
Call me when you're ready to come to school

[Repeat 1]

get back, get back
Come on, let me get a piece of you honey
Come on, come on, let me get a
piece of your lovin'
Here's my number
Call me tonight
Talk to me baby, oh yeah

Call me when you need somebody

[Repeat 1]
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