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Artist:K-Ci & JoJo
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Track:Game Face
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Don't give me an inch
Cuz I'll take it all now
Another style for you to hate
I sat up
today, my style in the straight
And if you care to relate

No, you can't copy me

Cuz I been changed
Stay in your lane
Remain with the straight
Don't you cross that
You goin' out of your mind
I got that grind so don't you hate

[1] - You
can judge me wrong
Don't leave home without my game face on
Got it goin' on
See my
head is strong
Don't leave home without my game face on
Gotta keep it on

Try to
play me wrong
Never forget you've got a game face on
Got it goin' on
When I wrote
this song
Saw it in the mirror with my game face on
Got it goin' on

Got it keep
it on
Stay true to the bone, freak of the moan
So where they goin'
Gotta be in the
No chaperones, no earphone
It's time to get it on

I don't know what you
all be on
But got be strong
I'm about ready to move on
Like Fidel Castro or Al
Capone, Jodeci
Everybody wants to go

[Repeat 1]

Got my game face on

Got my game face on, gentlemen
Steady, yeah

[Repeat 1]

I got my game face
You better walk a straight line
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