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Artist:Kane And Able F/ Master P
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Track:Time After Time
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:We gonna ball till we fall
Were real soldiers gonna be there when the homies call x2

If you're lost and you look then you will find me
Time after time (only time
will tell)
If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting
Time after time

The ghetto's tryin to kill me
That's why I stay faded and stoned
Cause when I
leave the house I never know if I'm comin home
Bullets got no name it's the dirty game

Wannabe thugs drive by for some ghetto fame
The homie got popped six times needs surgery

Hit my cigar holdin tears cause its hurtin me
I write my cousin in the pen to see if he
He's locked up on his little girl's first birthday
To this day love my homies dearly
down to die wit em'
I ball and they ball you hear me ima ride wit em'
You fall then we
fall I be there when you need me
Its easy all you gotta do is beep me

Chorus x3

(Rapping while chorus is still going)
Master P:
We gonna ball till we fall

We're real soldiers we'll be there when the homies call

Master P:
This Ghetto Got Me
And homies I feel your pain
See these streets is like a living hell
and the
devil be the dope man
And everybody wanna fix from heron to even powder
My little nephew's
a crack baby
When he hollas momma put dinner in his baby bottle
These streets got me doin'
shit that I really don't want to
But niggas gotta be strapped
with bulletproof vest or
homies will ride
Through and just blast on you
And the game got me trippin
But you
know I'm never slippin
And every bitch wit a pretty face and a big butt
U can't just jump
in a pool skinny-dippin
Cause you know what life ain't the same nigga
And I mean times can
change keep your eyes on your enemy
If you a hustler get what you got to get and get out
Cause ah see these streets they don't pay to be dumb
And real homies stick together
like Kane and Able, P and down to ride
When the time come

Chorus x2

(Rapping while chorus still going)
Master P:
We gonna ball till we fall
We're real
soldiers we'll be there when the homies call x2

I watched my nieces and
nephews grow
Before my very eyes
I pray that they could make somethin' out of their
You could lose your breath at the speed of light
What if I'm deaf chasin' dream's in
the heat of the night
You might could lose your sight
In these streets ain't no peace

What your eyes see the last man standing off his feet
But times have changed neva love material
If I could promise anythang you gonna leave the way you came
Check my homie Sean
Digs doin' life plus one
(So) when he called me collect to accept I press one
My Benz is
your Benz, my house is your home
If you eva need a friend then call Abel on the phone

Chorus x3
(This is for the real ballers and players out there)
(Time after
(Gonna ball till' we fall
but we gotta be there when the homies
(We bout it bout it)
(For real send a few dollars to your boy
in the
penitentiary keep your boy on the streets)
(You know what real homies stick together
don't turn on each other remember that)
(No Limit family baby)
(Master P, Kane, and
(To the world)
(We're here when all our homies need us
though you
heard me ain't nothing changed)
(Just gotta live with changin through
cuz it still the
same though it still the same)
(Down for whateva)
(No Limit For Life Baby)
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