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Artist:Kami Lyle
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Track:Love Me
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Love me like I am a movie star
Love me like I am a fool
Tragic and hopeless
out of focus
And you be a movie star too
Love me like I am a Saturday
Lazy and warm
by the old wishing pool
Dusty old sunbeams
And a handful of pennies
You whisper your
wishes all to

Love me like I am a spirit
Here in the dark I appear in your room

You'll say you love me
But I'll never hear it
That ain't what they wrote on my tomb

So love me like I am the circus
When all of the lights have gone down
Spooky and
With clowns drunk and jaded
Who cuss when there's no one around

love me like I am a Christmas tree
Sparkling and pretty, a real fantasy
Then you'll see
through me
Won't know what to do with me
Then you'll be glad when I,
Won't be too sad
when I,
So glad the day I leave
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