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Artist:K-Ci And Jojo
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Track:You Bring Me Up
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (repeat)
Yo, JoJo

Isn't it
The things you said and done to me
You said you want me
But now lady I wanna be
You lied to me
You said you never would play me
But I found out that you were
All the time

1 - You pick me up
And you bring me down

When I thought I found in you solid ground
You turn my smile
Into a
Girl you promised that you'd never let me down
And now you're not

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (repeat)
JoJo help me
Eweee, yeah yeah
I get a witness
I could go on and talk a little 'bout me
Listen, yeah

When I
was up
Girl you brought me down
Played me like a clown
Thought I'd stay
So you could, you could abuse me
Take my heart and use me
And you see I'm
still around
For your talk and for your smile

Repeat 1

Oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh (repeat)
Help me say oh
Say it say it say it yeah, say oh

There is
something I have to say
Something I can't delay
You hurt me so bad
And you made me
feel so sad
It's a feeling I can't explain
I won't let you wreck my brain
You said
you'd never hurt me
But then you go and desert me, baby

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh (repeat)

Repeat 1

Ad lib until fade
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