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Track:Show Your Ass
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Come on..yeah
Come on..yeah
Come on..ay

[Verse - J-Kwon]
Call me, I'm the man
You need a hand boo
I got a couple hundred grand
Dayton's on ya feet, diamonds in ya piece
And I like the way ya
ass move to the beat
You a freak, that's summin you can be
Keep playin' wit me, then I gotta
hit ya peeps
The girls love me, 'cause I'm from the streets
In the bed, I'm goin' thirty at
Show-Offs on the cap, plus her ass fat
It's so big she gon' let me hit it from the
Not knowin' she a rat, she suckin' on my tat
I gotta rub her, so there's nuthin' wrong
with that
the weed hold that, the blunt roll that
And when you give me head, please don't
hold back
Where your eyes at? lickin' the Kodak
And when I'm finished, then you comin' it's
yo pack

[Hook - J-Kwon] - x2
Show your ass, gon' hit the flo'
Show your
ass, gon' hit the flo'
Show your ass, gon' hit the flo'
Show your ass, gon' hit the

[Verse - Eboni Eyes]
I hops out the Jag, pocket full of cash
Wish your ho
would try to jump like she bad
Jeans fittin' tight, weave fittin' right
The way I feel my
ass make the ballers blow they cash
Step up in the party, sippin' the Bacardi
Betta watch
your man cause I'm feelin' kinda naughty
I'm lookin' to my left, over to my right
I head to
the flo', time to get this bitch hype
Niggaz in the place, all up in my face
Somebody touch
my ass I might have to catch a case
Don't let the face fool ya, I'll give it to ya
Peel a
right hand jab like Zab Jooda
I say what I mean, mean what I say-acapo
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