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Artist:Jackie Wilson
Taken from the album Miscellaneous by Jackie Wilson
Track:I Get The Sweetest Feeling
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I Get The Sweetest Feeling
Jackie Wilson

Released June
Brunswick label
#12 on R&B charts

The closer you get

The better you look baby

The better you look
The more I want you

When you
turn on your smile
I feel my heart go wild

I'm like a child with a brand new
And I get the
Sweetest feeling
Honey the Sweetest (Sweetest Feeling)
the Sweetest (Sweetest Feeling)
Loving you, ya

The warmer your kiss
The deeper
you touch me baby

The deeper your touch
The more you thrill me

It's more
than I can stand
Girl, when you hold my hand
I feel so grand
That I could cry

And I get the (Sweetest Feeling)
Moma the sweetest (Sweetest Feeling)
Baby the
sweetest (Sweetest Feeling)
Loving you

uhh The greater your love
The stronger
you hold me baby
The stronger your hold
The more I need You.

With every passing
I love you more in everyway
I'm in love to stay
And I wanna say

I get
the (Sweetest Feeling)
Baby the sweetest (Sweetest Feeling)
Honey the sweetest (Sweetest
Loving You

aw (Sweetest Feeling)
Baby the sweetest (Sweetest

From: Ian and Elaine
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