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Artist:Jack Johnson
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Track:Poor Taylor
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:She just wanders around unaffected by the winter winds, yeah

She pretends that she's
somewhere else

So far and clear, two-thousand miles from here

Taylor was a good girl, never one to be late

Complain, express ideas in her brain

Working on the night shift passing out the tickets

You're going to have to pay her
if you want to park here

Well mummy's little dancer is quite a little

She's working on the streets now, never gonna keep it

It's quite an
imposition and now she's only wishing

That she would have listened to the words they

Poor Taylor

Peter Patrick pitter patters on the window

But Sunny Silhouette won't let him in

Poor old Pete's a got a nothing cause he's
been falling

And somehow Taylor knows just where he's been

thinks that singin' on Sunday is gonna save his soul

Now that Saturday's gone

And sometimes he thinks that he's on his way

But I can see, that his brake-lights are

Taylor finds a better world

And Taylor's gonna run away
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