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Artist:Jack Frost
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Album:Jack Frost
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Remember when I told you
You were pretty lost
It seems you had it up to here
You just
paid the cost

All I have, all I need, all you got, is providence

looking pretty tired
Seems you lost some weight
You made it through, I don't know
That's what you can do

The plants smell sweet in the frozen air
And their
silhouettes just fading there
The wolves crouch close against the snow
But where we're
running I don't know
In villages and soft sad towns
The candles sway as night comes
Cold bones creak and strange beasts cry
Watching shadows in the

Remember when we were lovers
The things we used to do
The way the wind came
through the door
The way it pulled you through
It was over before we knew it
from both our minds
So if you get the inclination
Just think of me sometime
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