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Artist:Jaci Velasquez
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Track:Center Of Your Love
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Words and music by Pete Stewart and Mark Heimermann

Tell me have you ever been
On the
outside looking in
Well it's a cold and lonely place
Out from under heaven's

Did you ever wonder why
Or did it ever make you cry
Tears of joy when you
found out
What His love is all about

It's the water tha tI need
It's the air that
my heart breathes
And I have come to realize
Love is keeping me alive

In the
shelter of Your arms I've found
The center of YOur love is where I'm

And I just want to be in the center of Your love
Yeah that's all I'm
thinking of
Whoa I just want to know
How Your Love is with me everywhere
Your love is
with me everywhere I go
(Everywhere I go)

There is nothing I can see
That the world
can offer me
What could possible compare
To Your tender, loving care

You're the
only one I've found
Who can make my world go 'round
'Cause it's only at Your side
there's meaning in my life

All that's in this world has let me down
But You are all
that matters to me

Repeat chorus

Int he shelter of YOur arms I've found
center of Your love is where I
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