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Artist:Jaci Velasquez
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Track:Where I Belong
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Verse 1]
Sometimes I'm sadden by the choices I make
So many tears I have cried
Got what
I wanted but the dream seemed to fade
Still feeling unsatisfied

But you saved
Forgave me, how you've shown
You'd never leave me all alone

Everytime I loose my place
The beauty of your grace
Shines a
light so I can see
Everytime I loose my way
You make it all okay
I feel your love
surrounding me

You are here, calming my fears
You lead me back with your sweet
You're where I belong

[Verse 2]
You're always there to guide me through my
You've never once, left my side
The way you pick me up each time my heart
The way you always stood by

I'd feel you, you'd move right through my
We never really were apart
Oh, Lord


I will always put my
faith in you
'Cause I know you understand
I will try my best to follow you
'Cause I know
you've got a plan

Just to have you in my life
Is far more than enough
You are
everywhere around me now
I can feel your precious love

All the wonders of your
I'm constintly amazed
How you make me safe and sound

Its the way you lift me
You've given me so much
Only you would never let me down

You are here, calming
my fears
You lead me back with your sweet song,
You're where I belong.
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