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Artist:Ja Rule F/ The Murderers, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek
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Track:Holla Holla (Remix)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Ja Rule]

Yeah yeah, Hova Hova
We takin over soldier,
told ya it's murdaa
I'm here for that paper playa, fuck one time
I'm here ta break ya
playa one nine
Make ya scream and holla partner
When I block ya partner
When I
squeeze niggaz breathe like {*ahh-hah, ahh-hah*}
We the realest niggaz we killaz niggaz
Murderers, feel us?

Vita Vita to all of my bitches
that's ready to flip
dollars dollars
Lemme hear you holla holla
Gunshots pop up like it's murda
Ja's a
I'm the murderous bitch
Semi semi automatic in my Fendi Fendi bag
for any
any hoes feelin envy envy if you choose to
but I got some killers that'll bury and use you

It's murda!!

[Black Child]
Nigga we do this for the doe doe, hurtin
Y'all niggaz is curtains curtains
When the pound kick, round spit hit the ground
Playa playa I hate a hater whose flow flow is so-so
Midget niggaz who grow slow

Fire fire when I spit, full clip
Niggaz wet em wet em
whoever holdin the coke we'll dead
em dead em
All my thug niggaz and thug bitches
This all it takes for paper if you feelin

Chorus: Ja Rule (repeat 2X)

(holla holla) All my niggaz thats ready to get

(dollars dollars) Bitches know who can get em a little
(hotta hotta) Come on, if you
rollin wit me
(follow follow) It's murda..

[Memphis Bleek]
Yeah, yeah

Niggaz neva neva, seen a killa like Bleek
You could get it get it in a second on these
Now it's Memphis Memphis and my gun bust tremendous
You aint you aint on my dick
shorty but yo friend is
It's murda murda for life
Me and Ja nigga hold that hold that

Niggaz ain't ready to die with us get it get it
Make em feel it feel it all 16 comin from my
.45 digits

[Tah Murda]
Make you holla black cal is all about a dolla
dollars nigga I'm from homocide Hollis
Hate hoes that love to swallow swallow
We original
robbers robbers wit revolvers
Sippin Henny and Remi and Remi wit any
Wit Tah spittin the
semi spittin the semi
In any anybody could spit it spit it e
but can he live it live it

It's murda motherfucker don't forget it!

Chorus 2X

[Busta Rhymes]

Murda murda, yo, yo-yo yo
Now what you 'bout to do?
Lay you out on a stretcher
betcha that when I get ya
I'll make y'all niggaz leak from my lyrical lecture
treasure the moment feel pleasure from when I wet ya (WHAT!)
Split ya cardiovascular up from
the bullets we sent ya
Listen we dishin our flava we cookin da kitchen (what!)
Like we
cookin and breakin our la-ast pot we got to piss in
I'm bout to cop an ounce of weed (how many
wanna chip in?!)
And get a bunch of wild murderin niggaz
time is all we need to be

[Ja Rule]
Neva eva before fore
Whatever reason you think you law

Lord tell em I'ma nigga that clip it cock it and dead em
I'ma behead em for no flow, wet em if
they dry slow
Funny style niggaz I'll lift like lo-lo's
Then pimp yo broke hoes
I'ma I'ma pop pop and leave leave niggaz gagged and shot
Why why the fuck not I'm
a Murderer murderin any
and everything that's in my way -- holla holla
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