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Artist:Ja Rule
Taken from the album Venni Vetti Vecci by Ja Rule
Album:Venni Vetti Vecci
Track:Holla Holla
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Ja Rule:]
[Chorus: 2X]
(Holla Holla)
All my niggaz thats ready to get
(Dollaz Dollaz)
Bitches know who can get em a little (Hotta Hotta)
Come on, If you rollin'
wit me (Follow Follow)
Its Murda..

[Verse 1:]
Think you fuckin' wit Ja,
Watcha wanna go Dolla for Dolla??? (Holla Holla)
My niggaz is (Hotta Hotta)

Fucks plenty bitches, and dug bitches for petty niggaz
You look in me eyes and tell me they
style aint ridiculous
(Bitches Bitches) Pop da pussy and bounce like (Hit it Hit it)
if your favorite is long (Get it Get it) Baby Baby
Dont you wanna leave tonite and fuck with
Cause we really need to be freaking off at any cost
Its on me, if you married, then
get a divorce
When I hits it, some women get twisted
Have em' twitchin', like "Damn look
what the dick did"
I just wanna hit it the worst way, right after a long day
And put the
puss on lay-a-way, Heard me?
Im that, Dirty nigga that get you hot, and heat it
Baby girl
if you want it as bad as you need it

[Chorus: Repeat 2x]

Let me holla at my true thugs
If niggas want war, bust slugs
Nigga, what? Im
hotta hotta and just cant be touched
Plus, anybody that fucks with me, gonna get felt
many want it? Determines how the slugs get dealt
Cuz I (Spit em' Spit em')
Choke them
niggas like roaches and then (Clip em' Clip em)
Long as Im alive, Ima (Hit em' Hit em')

Respect mines, to the day of my demise
Dont fuck with me, cuz the flow's (Killa Killa)

Whoever eva who wants it?
Its yours, now your gonna (Get it Get it)
(Feela Feela) Nigga
full of holes
Treat em' like hoes, and show no love to them homo thugs
Its us you wanna
fuck with
As soon as them slugs skip from body to body
Go from grave to bit
I dont
respect it, plus niggas commited treason
Who want it with Ja? Who ready to die breathing?

[Chorus: Repeat 2x]

[Verse 3:]
Ja baby, one of the many, many niggas
who sip Henny
With the the two seaters, sittin on twenties
I, I be wit running in, running
Then, thou bestow hit em' up, gun em' down
Niggaz aint ready for Ja, any way, any
I give it give it to niggaz, claimin' that they live it
Real (Niggaz Niggaz) brandish
the iron and flash
Like (Hold this Hold this) when you got nothing to live for
niggaz be hot, and more explosive
Focus, ready to rip em' up with the dope, this
My life,
niggaz is frontin', and stuntin' for nothing
Better act right, fore' I spark and dim your
Im a hazard, to niggaz, a bastard
To bitches, when in doubt, go for stealth, and
clap the finish
Anything movin' rightfully hit for wrong doin'
I'ma follow and enourage
all my niggaz to WHAT?!?

[Chorus: Repeat til' end]
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