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Artist:JA RULE
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Track:Always On Time
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(feat. Ashanti)
[Ashanti (Ja talking)]
Always there when you call
(Buckshots, hah), always on time
Gave you be mine
Always there when you call,
always on time
Gave you

[Chorus - Ashanti]
Baby, I'm not always there
when you call, but I'm always on time
And I gave you my all, now baby be mine
I'm not always
there when you call, but I'm always on time
And I gave you my all, now baby be mine

C'mon and get a piece of this late-night lover
You know, the one that swing dick like
no other (shit)
I know, I got a lot of things I need to explain
But baby you know the name
and love is about pain
So, stop the complaints and drop the order restraints
Our sex life's
a game so bat me down in the paint
'Cause I can't wait no more
'Cause it's about a
quarter-past three and shorty's eyein me
I got the Bentley valeted
And I'm just outside of
Jersey, past the Palisades
And I love to see that ass in boots and shades
Hold down on the
bed while I'm yankin your braids
Thug style, you never thought I'd make you smile
While I'm
smackin your ass and fuckin you all wild
[With Ashanti] But we share somethin so rare, but who
cares, you care


Girl, get a grip, c'mon, pull it together
It's only a
sunshower, we been through worse weather
Like the stormy nights you wrote a "Dear Ja"
And took my Benz and keyed and cut the leather
Bitch, you know better, we live
Money Over Bitches, Murder, I-N-C
I got two or three hoes for every V
And I keep
'em drugged up off that ecstasy
I'm a playground legend like Kirk with Pee-wee
Name a nigga
in the l
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