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Artist:J. Geils Band
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Track:Angel in blue
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(Seth Justman) - 1981
We met in a bar
Out on Chesapeake Bay
With her white patent
And her blouse red lame
A table top dancer
She would smile on cue
lips of an angel
Angel in blue
She's been dancing for ages
Though cities of
She was kickin' the habit
of scoring in cars
She'd been drained of her
All caged in this zoo
A wildcat angel
Angel in blue
And as she stared out
into nowhere
I thought, yes, I thought she might break down and cry
When I whispered I
thought I could love her
She just said "Baby, don't even bother to try"
And I watched as
she spoke
Her words chilled my bones
All her friends did her favors
That were really
just loans
And she never had dreams
So they never came true
The palest of
Angel in blue
And the bees they had stung her
The birds they had
There were guys she could number
But none she had known
And she never had
So they never came true
My fade away angel
Angel in blue
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