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Artist:J. ARMEN
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Album:PLAN B
Track:Waiting For Mine
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:take me down to the river's edge
don't let me fall in
let me into your circle of life

while I'm waiting for mine to begin

but the river runs wide and so deep
can see myself drown
I'm awake but my conscience is asleep
as the wind drags me down

my mind's eye would always be blind
heading down for the cliffs
I would not
feel the need to be saved from the flight
hour of truth reality sinks in hello
I've been
bound behind a closed door
never have been denied
now I'm sentenced to life never
knowing what for
then the words I never thought I'd hear
now all I want to know is

what the hell just happened here

here I stand at the river's edge
wet from the fall
the tide is high and the ferry's delayed
to take me back home

but the river still runs to the sea
drifting my wishes away
tomorrow is pain

and in time you will hear my say
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