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Track:Infecto Groovalistic
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Yesterday I struggled a little less than today
I locked it in a brain cell
and I threw the key away
Don't know what I was thinking-then again I do
I lock my thoughts
in cages like the animals in a zoo
So please don't feed the cyco-and I don't mean with
Cause my mind feeds on hatred-and you get me in the mood
So are we having fun yet? Can
you feel the pain?
Cause my mind functions perfectly on tangents skewed insane

She said, "If I would of then I could of but it's unrealistic"
And I said, "So why you
always gotta be so damn pessimistic"
And she said, "If I could of then I would have but it's
And I said, "If you could of then you would on infecto

[Chorus 2:]
Groove a little high groove a little low groove a little in
Groove a little hot groove a little cold groove a little bit in my scene
Groove a
little left groove a little right groove a little something with
Grove a little sex
groove a little love Infecto is the way it should be


So much for
smart thinking the odds weren't on my side
But ain't it fun to gamble double up and let it
I could of been more thoughtful I could of walked away
But I ain't afraid to say I got
nothing left to say

[Chorus 1
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