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Track:Monster Skank
Date Added:18/10/2007
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I want it I need it I'm headed out for something to break
I got it I'm feeling it
I'm headed out on a monster skank

My feet are moving faster than my mind can do no
My body's twisting in contortions that weren't meant to be
My head is spinning like
a yo-yo that don't know no better
Off to the special place where there is only room for

Have a little dance with a twist-hear you were hungry-eat a


My mind paints pictures but I couldn't find no frame to fit
Only an artist can create what he don't understand
I tried to tell you but you didn't
have no time for reason
Off to my special place where only I am in command

What's to
skank?-monster skank'n
Aye got something break'n-we've gone monster skank'n

Roses are
red-violets are blues-you're uglier than a monkey-you should live
in a


Shoot off your mouth don't like what you said-here's my response a
boot to
your head

The wise man feels no pressure then he tells you not to
Your inspiration hits me like a ton of falling bricks
Lost in a cemetery of forgotten
Off to my special place where I can break all that you fix

Aye gone monster
skank'n-I don't need nobody
I think something's break'n-I've gone monster skank'n

Is it
skank? Monster skank
What kind of skank? Monster skank

It's a monster-a scary scary
Aye got something break'n-we gone monster skank'n
It's a monster
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