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Track:Infectious Grooves
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Insane-the mother funksters tear it up
The beat-that makes you wanna stomp it up
just can't get enough of the Infectious Grooves
Hardcore-and then they switch it to the
Got vibe-mix it in with the groove
The plague-that's gonna make you booty move it's
the Infectious Grooves
Gave it-the network of ability
Threw in-all kind of insanity
it up-and now you got the recipe of The Infectious Grooves

Talk to me baby
you should of been good-you think you're on it
but you ain't got nothing on me
It aon't as
if I hadn't told you so
So now you sit and then you go and when you hear it

what you say when you hear us
Jam-'cause the boys know how to make it all
Slam-now you wanna
get with the program of the Infectious Grooves
Pack'n-a loc'd kinda zak that's
the bass that's pump'n and
Smack'n-leave you breathless coughing and hack'n with Infectious
We found- the hippest, hardest, heaviest sound

Took it straight from the
Now you got the plague that's going around, known as Infectious

Talk to me baby it's me again
I love to tell you 'cause it ain't the way that
you wanna hear
You try to stop it, but I seen you move your booty
Move that booty, mmm
that's a booty, she has a very nice booty Infectious
Now you know it's Infectious

Infectious-the rhythm that'll tear it up
Infectious-the beat that makes you get on
Infectious-the mother funksters tear it up-with the Infectious Grooves
Infectious-A loc'd
kinda zak that's
Infectious-with the bass that's pumpin and
Infectious-leave you breathless
coughing and the Infectious Grooves-acap
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