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Artist:Immoral Squad
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Album:Result Of Human Greed
Track:This Seems To Be So Normal
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Another day, people walking people
crying life is pain.
Nothing to prove the people
This world is dirty, this world is what I see.
The days follow eachother and they
look the same.
This seems to be so normal, change it all or it may be too late...
See and
hear the drain flows down a useful thing, we need it for living.
People thread on this, and
they don't care, I walk on this and I really care.
Always divide to prove nothing
Always divided to prove your says
The past seems like the future, present looks like
Life is not a game, human greed is to blame.
The tears of someone makes the
other rich.
Do nothing to die, do nothing to help
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