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Artist:Imbruglia Natalie
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Track:Wishing I Was There
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Take your hand
And place it in my pocket
Flick your eyes back in their sockets
those thoughts away
Sometimes they're much too loud.

I'll take a breath
cradle your sweet head
Should've stayed at home in bed
Put that face away
I'm melting
for you


I dreamt
About another girl in bed with
You just laughed and smiled
Denied the proof
We're fine 'till I think of the
problem (heh)
I wish it made sense
Like a joke that no one gets
It's a life without
I want it to feel that way, forever and ever

[repeat chorus]

don't say you love me
Don't say you need me
I really don't think that's fair
Oh, I'm
not so dumb
But when you leave me
I'll be wishing I, wishing I, wishing I was there with
Wishing I, wishing I, wishing I was there
Wishing I, wishing I, wishing I was there
with you
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